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– Book of The Year 2012 – Gabriel Josipovici: “Kirsty Gunn’s The Big Music (Faber) seems to give voice to the bleak and silent loneliness of the Scottish Highlands through meticulous adherence to the form of the highest mode of bagpipe music, the pibroch. It begins as it ends: ‘The hills only come back the same: I don’t mind, and all the flat moorland and the sky. I don’t mind, they say, and the water says it too… and the mountains’. It reminded me not of any British writer but of Faulkner. It is one of the finest novels of the past decade.”


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– The Big Music review – Unknown: How such a superb novel missed out on the major fiction prices of 2012 is a mystery: perhaps Gunn’s Modernist relaying of the importance of music of legacy – themes distilled in this beautifully aching story of grandfather John Sutherland marching across a highland landscape with his newborn baby granddaughter, apparently heedless of the worries of her parents – was simply too challenging a read, too complex a symphony, for judges to grapple with. The best Modernists knew how to make readers care about their characters in the midst of literary experimentation, and Gunn does exactly the same, making us care about John Sutherland even as he does something seemingly impossibly evil.

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